A Consulting Engineer is defined as a person who possesses the necessary qualifications and has been registered by the Engineers Registration Board in the category of consulting engineer and performs one or more of the disciplines of engineering and devotes himself to designing and inspecting the construction or installation of engineering works on a fee basis and also advices his clients on engineering matters. For carrying out this profession the consulting engineer maintains his office either solely or in conjunction with one or more engineers and usually employs his own staff.



The duty of a consulting engineer is to safeguard the interests of both the clients and society while devising sound engineering solutions for minimum whole life cost of the project. Services of consulting engineers cover:
Preliminary Investigation:
This involves evaluation of client’s needs, analysis of problems involved, making cost estimates and making recommendations

Feasibility and Cost Benefit Studies:
Examination of alternative engineering solutions and cost considerations to enable the client make an informed decision.

Detail engineering design. This covers:
Detail plans, design calculations and specifications. Also contract documents for tendering, calling for Tenders and Tender evaluation, Contract Supervision, Contract Administration and Project Management.


Special Services:

These include:

  • Site investigations
  • Surveys
  • Adjudicate on disputes or claims
  • Advice on suitability of contractors
  • Inspect plant and equipment during manufacture
  • Advice on payments
  • Initial operation of plant and training of staff




Advantages of using the services of a consulting engineer include:

  • A consulting engineer accepts professional responsibility for the work he undertakes
  • A consulting engineer provides professional engineering services on an objective and impartial evaluation
  • A consulting engineer has no commercial interests with manufacturers, suppliers or contractors.
  • A consulting engineer selects materials and equipment suitable for the project without bias.
  • A consulting engineer is familiar with most modern techniques because of the daily practice of his profession.


Selection of a consulting engineer needs careful thought. This directory is thus intended to facilitate the selection of consultants by clients. The ACET Secretariat will also be glad to assist clients in the establishment of a suitable shortlist of consultants to meet clients’ individual needs. The firms on the shortlist can then be contacted for details. In this way clients will save a lot of time and avoid unnecessary advertising costs.

When selecting/appointing a consulting engineer a client would normally consider qualifications and experience of a number of firms that appear capable of meeting requirements of the project. All such information, including qualifications of the firms’ personnel and fields of specialization, is contained in this Directory.