Membership of the Association

The Association has three categories of members as given under Article I of the Association’s By-Laws reproduced here below.
Qualification for Membership

An applicant for individual membership of the Association shall be:
in practice as a Consulting Engineer either individually or as a bona fide partner in or bona fide director of or Consultant to or as a Resident Director of a firm of consulting engineers
AND  registered as a Consulting Engineer with the Engineers’ Registration Board of Tanzania.
in practice as a Consulting Engineer for a period of not less than three years in another country in which the applicant is a member of an Association of consulting engineers which is a member of FIDIC; and registered by the Engineers Registration Board in the category of Consulting Engineer.
No person shall be qualified for membership of the Association if he shall:
be a director, employee, or partner in, or agent for a company or firm carrying on any commercial or manufacturing business dealing with the class of work to which his practice relates; or the holder in any such company or firm of shares or other financial interest either directly or indirectly likely to influence his exercise of independent professional judgement in matters upon which he advises,
be a director or employee of or agent for any company under¬taking engineering insurance work
be a partner or co-director in a practice in which other partners or co-directors are associated with (a) and/or (b) above and who hold a total of more than 15% shares.
No person shall be elected to membership of the Association unless, in the opinion of the Council, his standing and experience entitles him to practice as a Consulting Engineer.

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Membership of the Association