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ACET committees help members deal with issues relating toFinance, Client-Consultant Relationships, Seminars, Conferences, Social Affairs, Publications, Constitutional Affairs, Professional Conduct and Membership.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee’s role is to manage and control all matters related to the financial health of the Association. In particular the committee involves itself in:

  • Seeking to identify additional sources of income for the Association
  • Identifying new, previously unrecognised initiatives and projects that may lead to further avenues of income generation
  • Ensuring the financial viability and sustainability of the Association
  • Utilising the  financial resources of the Association in line with the approved and agreed budget
  • Budget preparation
  • Undertaking any other matters relating to finance that may be required

Client-Consultant Relationship Committee

The interaction between client and consultant is vital to the successful future of the Association, and the Client-Consultant Relationship Committee is active in the public relations field:

  • Organising events that bring together clients and consultants in a relaxed atmosphere to discuss matters relating to engineeringconsultancy services
  • Promoting the selection of Tanzanian-based consulting engineers for various projects
  • Promoting and maintaining mutually beneficial liaisons with clients

Seminars, Conferences, Social Affairs and Publications Committee

The committee is active in promoting all aspects of the Association to the industry and the public at large. Activities include:

  • The publishing of  the Association’s Newsletter
  • Regularly publicising the activities of ACET in the mass media
  • Updating and publishing the ACET Annual Directory
  • Planning and administering capacity development programmes
  • Organising industry-relevant seminars, workshops, etc.
  • Liaising with other relevant local institutions on CPD
  • Publishing any other materials as required

Constitutional Affairs, Professional Conduct and Membership Committee

The committee evaluates and reviews applications for membership, ensuring the calibre of professionalism is maintained, and advising accordingly. Other responsibilities are:

  • To periodically review and update application forms
  • To ensure on-going professionalism and excellence in consulting engineering services

To periodically review the constitution and its by-laws and propose amendments for approval by the Annual General Meeting